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Tin Oxide (Stannic - SnO2)


Oximet Srl was founded in 1986 in Sassuolo (Modena, Italy), at the time the main World Production Area for Ceramic Tiles and relevant Colours.

Oximet is a major world supplier in Tin Oxide (Stannic - SnO2). Oximet is focused on tailored products to meet the requirements of renowned Customers for their unique application.

Oximet uses only LME agreed brands. Each tin delivery is supported by relevant quality certificate stating the chemical analysis of any single 5 T lot.

Oximet is part of ENDEKA Ceramics Group, a leading global supplier of raw materials and intermediate products to the ceramic industries. The company is owned by ENDEKA Ceramics S.p.A. in participation with AVANTIX LLC, a US company established in Connecticut.


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